Girl of the Month - SOPHIE

Welcome to The Umbrella Girls GIRL OF THE MONTH where we shine the light on a girl who sparkles in her world. Each month we will share a little piece of a little girl's world who is inspired to shine bright through the life learning and inspiration she receives from The Umbrella Girls book series.


Hi Sophie, where in the world do you live?

Idaho, United States of America

Who is in your family?

Mommy, Daddy, and my younger brother, Cam

How old are you and what year are you in school?

I am 7 1/2 years old and I'll be in 2nd grade at the end of this summer. 

What is your favorite subject at school and why? 

I love Reading workshop because it's fun listening to stories and reading stories. Even though we read books that I normally wouldn't pick out, it's still my favorite. 

What are your favorite things to do for fun?

I like to swing on the playset, dance with my friends, and read!

What’s your favorite food/s?

I know it's weird but I like all kinds of red meat and toast.

What is your favortite holiday?


What are your dreams - big and small?

When I grow up, I want to be a teacher, and I think I want to be a science teacher. And I've wanted to be a Marine Biologist for my whole life, too. 

Do you have any fears? And if so, what are they?

I'm scared of getting lost without Mommy or Daddy, and being stuck in a forest. Sometimes I also get scared that I'll forget stuff that I was supposed to do, like bring my homework to school.

And what do you do to overcome your fears? 

I mostly have fears at night and cannot get them out of my head, so I just try to fall asleep in bed as fast as I can.

What do you enjoy about The Umbrella Girls books?

I enjoy that the stories aren't super-duper long, so you can read through them as many times as you want. But, they're long enough that you have fun reading them and get to know the characters really well.

What's your favourite book, character or meditation in The Umbrella Girls book series and why?

I have two favorites. One is THE TRAVELLING LIBRARY because I love reading. And the other is The WISDOM OFFICE because Charli is a good character.

Who do you look up too? 

I look up to my best friend, Emma. She is so nice and friends with everyone. Also, she doesn't get her feelings hurt. She's really confident.

What does it mean to be a girl today?

Girls get to do very fun stuff. Anything we want! If our parents let us....

What message would you like to share with other girls around the world to encourage them to pursue their dreams and shine?

Keep trying and trying even if you don't reach your goal the first time.