Girl of the Month - LULU

Welcome to The Umbrella Girls GIRL OF THE MONTH where we shine the light on a girl who sparkles in her world. Each month we will share a little piece of a little girl's world who is inspired to shine bright through the life learning and inspiration she receives from The Umbrella Girls book series.


Hi Lulu, where are you from?

North America. I live in LA, California.  

The best thing about living in Los Angeles is all the cool experiences and so many different people you can meet. 

What makes you a Cali girl?

I like to go to the beach and I’m able to tolerate a lot of heat. A lot of other places in the world are cold. My favourite beach is Malibu, my family have lots of friends there. 

There's a rock I love to go. There's seagulls on it and at low tide you can see starfish!

How old are you and what year are you in school?

I'm 11 and currently in 5th grade.

What are your favourite things to do? 

I like to play guitar and tennis, sing, act, dance, read and draw.

I have seen you sing, act and dance and you are awesome!

And what's your favourite food/s?

Dill Pickles.

(Mine too!)  

What are your dreams - big and small?

I want to skydive one day.

Wow Lulu thats very brave of you! 

First I want to be on Broadway and then I want to get my PHD and become a scientist and do a bunch of experiments.

Do you have any fears? And if so, what are they? 

I’m scared of the dark and I’m also scared of spiders and needles.  

And what do you do to overcome your fears? 

For the dark I will keep the closet light on.  

I try to be close to my friends so that they comfort me when I’m scared.  

What do you enjoy about The Umbrella Girls books? And do you have any favourite books, characters or meditations in The Umbrella Girls book series?

My favourite character is Charli (from The Wisdom Office) because even though she talks a lot she uses it for good use and helps kids for good. I love when when she helps the boy that thinks he’s too small.  

At school when people are crying I do my best to comfort them.

You are very kind Lulu. 

What message would you like to share with other girls around the world to encourage them to pursue their dreams and shine?  

No matter what's obstacles stand in your way try to fight for your dreams so that you overcome those obstacles. And shoot for the stars. 

Who do you look up too? 

Girls around the the world like Malala - she shows me that anything is possible. 

My parents.  

African American leaders and mostly anyone that shows you that anything is possible. 

What does it mean to be a girl today?

We are all human - Female, male, black or white and being a girl right now is great. I went to the Women’s March with my mom and that was so cool. We are really making a comeback from 100 years ago.

The future female right Lulu

That’s right Pippy, the future is female!!