Girl of the Month - Taylor & Tegan

Welcome to The Umbrella Girls GIRL OF THE MONTH where we shine the light on girls who sparkle in their world. This month we feature sisters Taylor and Tegan from California, who tell us a little bit about their world and what they love about The Umbrella Girls. 

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Hi Girls, where in the world do you live?

Manhattan Beach, California, U.S.A.

Who is in your family?

Taylor: Mom, Dad, my sister Tegan and Butterscotch the hamster.

Tegan: Mom, Dad, and my sister Taylor and Carrie our fish.

How old is the fish?

Tegan: I think she’s 3!

Taylor, what is it like to be a big sister? 

Taylor: You get to help your sister and when she’s at a soccer game I get to cheer her on. I like to give her advice before her soccer game. I also braid her hair - I learned to do a French braid and a fish tale on her hair! When it's a holiday we open presents together. 

Tegan, what do you like about having a big sister? 

Tegan: My sister likes to play with me. We like to talk and draw together.

How old are you and what year are you in school? 

Taylor: I’m in 5th Grade and I'm 10 and a 1/2.

Tegan: Peach Room I am 4 and a 1/2, Pre K.

What are your favorite subjects at school and why? 

Taylor: I like science lab, and I love art.

Tegan: I like playing outside, paint at school.

What are your favorite things to do for fun? 

Taylor: For fun, I like to go to the beach and play volleyball.

Tegan: Play outside, dancing and playing with my friends.

What are your favorite foods? 

Taylor: California Pizza Kitchen BBQ chopped salad - it’s so good.

Tegan: Chicken nuggets.

What is your favorite holiday? 

Taylor: Christmas. I like seeing my relatives and getting presents.

Tegan: Playing at a beach and Christmas. 

What are your dreams - big and small?

Taylor: I dream to play profession beach volleyball and to to play songs on the radio on my guitar.

Tegan: I want to play piano and I would love to be a ballerina.

Do you have any fears? And if so, what are they?

Taylor: Doors and windows because one day my finger got slammed in the door before soccer practice because I was so excited to see my friends.

Tegan: I’m a little scared of spiders and snakes.

What do you enjoy about The Umbrella Girls books?

Taylor: I like that they are about something that is really happening in the world and can be very helpful to people and also like that there is a meditation in the back of each book.  

Tegan: I love the pictures and seeing girls around the world and hearing their stories.

What's your favourite character in The Umbrella Girls book series?

Taylor: I like Pia because she likes the beach and because she’s like me.

Tegan: I like Valentina (and I) love her braid in her hair.

Who are your friends and what do you do as a friend if someone is sad?

Taylor: Devan, Brook, Mckenna and Devon, they are my friends and they love the things that I love.  We either go to the pool, surf or boogie board at the beach. When someone is sad I try to fix it by talking and listening.

Tegan: My friend is Tessa. We like to play at the swimming pool and we hang out and talk and we watch our Mommy’s phones. If we are sad we give hugs to each other. One time Tessa tripped over and I cared for her by putting water on her knee and giving her a hug.

What does it mean to be a girl today?

Taylor: I like being a girl. Girls can do anything they put their mind too. 

Tegan: We get to get our nails done.

What message would you like to share with other girls around the world to encourage them to pursue their dreams and shine?

Taylor: Don’t give up - keep trying! 

Tegan: Talk to your Mommy. I talk to my Mommy and she likes my dreams!

What celebrity do you like? 

Taylor: Volleyball stars -  Kerry Walsh and Misty May.

Tegan:  Jojo.


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